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Basketball Drills is what we are about. We started off as "Basketball Drills with Pistol Pete Maravich", hence the name basketballdrillsppm.com, but we have grown and are still growing into much, much, more. We now have basketball drills and plays training videos by Pistol Pete Maravich, Tom Nordland, Youth League, SportAmerica, Speed Quest, Baden Basketball, the Basketball Doctor, Explosive Basketball, and many more. We are adding products by more coaches, instructors, NBA players, and other experts just about every day. We have basketball drills and plays on the subjects of ball handling, dribbling, passing, shooting, defense, rebounding, and more. We have basketball drills and plays training videos and DVDs for players, coaches, youth, kids, boys and girls, beginners and pros. We are now adding free articles and plays as a way to better help coaches and players get the help they need to become better at the game. So check back with us often because we will be adding to our site on a daily basis.

Basketball Drills and Plays by Pistol Pete Maravich

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Basketball Drills by Pistol Pete Maravich

Training Videos - Pistol Pete Maravich

Pistol Pete's Homework Basketball Drills

Pistol Pete's Homework Basketball training series is one of the most popular training series on the market today. In Pistol Pete's instructional DVDs, you'll learn to master the skills of ball handling, dribbling, passing, and shooting. Pistol Pete Maravich... the name still rings in the ears of fans across America. Who can forget the floppy socks, the behind-the-back passes, between-the-legs dribbling, and the wondrous assortment of shots that made him a magician in the game? Pete Maravich still holds records that have stood for over 30 years and some that exerts say will never be broken. Pete averaged over 44 points per game in college and he did that without the benefit of a 3-point line. He scored 3,667 points in his college career and he did that in three years in college instead of four. Now you have the opportunity to tap in to a wealth of knowledge and experience that turned young Pete Maravich into the Hall of Fame Legend known as The Pistol.

Youth League Training Videos


The Youth League training program shows how to teach development of players' skills for the fundamental five areas: Shooting, Dribbling, Passing, Defense, and Rebounding. Dozens of exercises and concepts that are easy to teach & learn. Perfect for players, parents, and coaches who want to improve and excel.


Youth League Training Videos

See the SWISH Shooting Method in ActionThe SWISH Shooting Method


Learn the results oriented shooting form with Tom Nordland's SWISH Method. In the SWISH DVD video, Tom teaches the basic fundamentals of shooting. The shooting form you learn in the original SWISH video is simple, but very profound. Kids, you will learn the basketball shooting form in this video that will give you, as an individual player, a more powerful and controllable shot.


Tom Nordland's SWISH Shooting Method

Youth League Coaching Teams


Youth League Coaching Teams takes coaches through a typical 1- 2 hour practice during which team drills are shown for the FUNDAMENTAL FIVE areas (shooting, dribbling, passing, defense, and rebounding) with time left in practice for team plays and scrimmaging.


Youth League Coaching Teams

Youth League Player Practice


The Youth League Player Practice training video is about a simply designed practice program for youth league players that combines the fundamentals of the game into a self competitive workout that's fun! It takes approximately one hour a day to complete or divide the workout in half and practice each half of the workout on alternating days. The Youth League Player Practice is a fun and competitive way to practice and improve quickly. This training video is also Parent Friendly!


Youth League Player Practice

Speed Warm-Up Program


The Speed Warm-Up Program only takes 15 minutes per day and will make a tremendous difference in court performance. Jumping, acceleration, change-of-direction, quickness, and explosion--all crucial elements to success on the court and all skills that you can improve and master! This DVD gives you three different warm-up workout programs to help develop these and many other athletic skills!


Speed Warm-Up Program


Be Sure to Check Out Pistol Pete's Homework Series



Pistol Pete's Homework Series